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AEI history (mentioning Siemens Brothers).

 Antwerp's twin phone makers, ATEA and BTMC.


British L.M. Ericsson.

BRITISH TELECOM privatisation.


  CASWELL (one-time Plessey site, now the research base of Marconi Materials Technology).

 Suppliers' names frequently CONFUSED

GEC History.

Main telephone manufacturers in GERMANY, 1930 and 1970.

 HULL Corporation (now Kingston Communications), plus a brief reference to other municipal telephone systems in Britain.

Republic of IRELAND.

Isle of MAN.

ITT manufacturing in the USA.

MARCONI company history.

NEC company history.

  Autumn 1999 and the PLESSEY name re-emerges in the UK.

 SIEMENS in Germany and the UK.


 British THOMSON HOUSTON Company (not a telephone company but included for completeness).

 French THOMSON HOUSTON Company (which did make telephones).

 STROWGER WORKS—Ostensibly the story of the Edge Lane plant in Liverpool but more like a microcosm of the UK telephone industry. Early automatic systems, introduction of the Director in London, overseas installations and much more.


   WHEN IS A BELL NOT A BELL? Technology firms with 'Bell' in their title.

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