Circuits for Auto Party lines

Here are some circuit lists for various types of automatic party lines.


WR auto party line, using equipment made by ATE Ltd.

These two notices were provided at each telephone in standard GWR/WR wood and glass frames. The telephones used were black 706 desk telephones and 711 wall telephones, fitted with a button marked 'Press'.


WR Bristol control circuit no. 8.

No information is to hand about this circuit, although it may have used similar equipment to the one shown above. If you know, please send me an e-mail.


LMR Auto Rescall circuits.

The LMR employed a number of these circuits, which used equipment made by Plessey Controls Ltd. The two circuits shown had no connection to the main railway (ETD) network, although others around Toton and in Scotland had normal four-figure numbers that could be dialled as part of the main network. The telephones were black 706 instruments mounted on a substantial black plinth.


Southern Region auto party lines

Telephone numbers were shown in the SR telephone directory but this instruction card was provided at each telephone.


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