Notable Networks

This section aims to record some of the more interesting and unusual telephone networks, mainly as they existed in the 1960s and 1970s, for the benefit of those who did not have the pleasure of using or exploring them.

  • Autovon

The world's first intercontinental PABX (think about it!).

  • BASA

A fully automated PABX and PAX network that was still being enhanced and extended in the middle of World War II.

  • Boulogne Maritime

Municipal enterprise.

  • British Railways

Probably Britain's largest private network, with links into several others.

Auto Party Lines.

Individual exchanges.

Omnibus circuits.

  • KGB

Nationwide direct dialling comes to the USSR—in the 1930s.

  • London Electricity Board

A huge PAX system with an eclectic mixture of old Strowger and new Hungarian crossbar PAXs.

LT was notable for retaining letter code dialling after the Post Office had abandoned this. Although mainly a PAX network, it also has connections to PABXs, the British Rail and the remnant of its own Road Control system.

  • US Forces in Europe

Paris 1946.

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