·         Acoustic or mechanical telephones.

·         Alphabetic STD codes in Britain decoded.

·         The first automatic exchanges in Britain (long before Epsom and 1912)

·         Battery technology; The Yuasa NP2.3-12 Sealed Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery

·         Electronic exchange development in the UK

·         Fetrons—the solid-state valves!

·         Get your technical jargon right!

·         Hypothetical exchanges—they did and do exist!

·         Manufacturer codes and markings, British

·         Manufacturer codes and markings, German

·         Numbering: an introduction

·         Numbering: UK automatic exchange numbering schemes 1912-1966

·         How the Octothorpe (# symbol) got its name.

·         PAXs—Private Automatic Exchanges (general)

·         PAX Protectorate 1—gallery of catalogue pictures and descriptions

·         PAX Protectorate 2—description of individual types

·         Notable private telephone networks

·         Relay Automatic Company exchanges

·         Satellites, mobiles, dependants and reliefs

·         Signalling between exchanges

·         Strowger or SXS switching—how it works

·         Telephone wiring and phone sockets demystified—UK and USA.

·         Transit exchanges and STD.

·         Trunk subs—what are or were they?

·         Unusual telephones and related apparatus

·         US military equipment codes

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